Schools arm themselves for the fall with UV air purifiers

Much was asked of all schools during the pandemic, and now teachers, students and parents are hoping for a safe start to the new school year. If many children are going to sit in face-to-face classes in the fall, adequate air purification must be provided. Especially in places where ventilation is difficult because windows cannot open, or because it is sometimes too cold outside.
Many schools purchased UV air purifiers in the previous school year and already had a good experience with them.

UVGI air purification for schools

Clean air in the Franziskaner high school without dangerous filter changes

The Franziskaner high school in Großkrotzenburg took precautions. In the previous school year, they purchased 18 Soluva® Air W units for air purification. The devices supplement conventional hygiene measures and disinfect the air in rooms where it is difficult or impossible to ventilate and especially in rooms that are constantly used by different groups of people. At Franziskaner high school, the UV air purifiers are now working in classrooms, the teachers' lounge, the chemistry and physics rooms, the music room, and a lounge where children wait for their school bus or train.
By the end of the school year, students and teachers gained their first experience with the Soluva Air W units which operated so quietly classes were not disrupted.
"We were able to simply plug the units into the wall outlet," says Bernward Bickmann, executive director of the school board. "It was also important to us that our janitor didn't have to change filters regularly, unlike with HEPA filter units."
The UV-C light from the long-lasting UV lamps in Soluva air purifiers destroys viruses immediately. In contrast, HEPA filter devices collect viruses from the air stream in filters that must be replaced over and over again.

Air pufification with UV light in a gym

Safe air in the gym with UV air purifiers

Physical exercise and regular physical education is very important for children, but requires special effort in a school gymnasium being constantly used by different classes or sports groups. The city of Hanau also took innovative protective measures at an early stage equipping the gymnasium of the August Gaul School with highly efficient UV air purifiers before the end of the school year.
Three Soluva Air M10 units disinfect the air in the August Gaul School gymnasium. The Soluva Air M10 draws in room air, treats it with UV-C light which immediately destroys the viruses, and then blows the purified air back into the gym.
A special challenge for the air purification unit installation was to protect it from stray balls. To ensure that ball sports can continue as usual in the gym, the UV air purifier was mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling. A sturdy wire cage installed over the device protects it from stray balls

UV disinfection cleans safely and is fit for the future

Coronaviruses and other dangerous microbes spread through aerosols in the air. Equipment using UV disinfection is proven to destroy more than 99% of viruses in the air. UV disinfection of indoor air is therefore a powerful weapon against corona and similar microbes.
UV disinfection works by inactivating the genetic information of the original viruses as well as newly emerging mutations. UV disinfection also destroys flu viruses, cold viruses and other dangerous germs. Due to the special mode of action of UV disinfection, these viruses also cannot develop resistance.
Government funds may be available to subsidize the purchase of UV air purifiers in schools. The vacation season with its empty classrooms is an ideal time to install air purifiers.