Israel recommends UVGI air purifiers from Heraeus to fight coronavirus

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, Israel, the world leader in the rate of vaccination, relies on UVGI air purifiers from Heraeus.

Israel recommends UV-C air purifiers from Heraeus to fight coronavirus

"Air purification with UVGI is the world's best technology against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and against all other viruses. We are proud that we prevailed in a tough qualification process against about 40 other suppliers. Our products meet the high requirements in Israel, a country which has come through the Corona crisis more quickly and successfully than almost any other," said Martin Ackermann, CEO of Heraeus Noblelight. "There are several reasons for the approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health: Our UV devices have proven their worth for months in city buses, schools, doctors' offices and many other places. In addition, positive studies by renowned researchers provided convincing evidence."

For example, the renowned Fraunhofer Institute demonstrated a virus reduction of more than 99 percent in a test with a model classroom. The University Hospital of Tübingen also confirms the disinfecting effect of UV-C light. Israel is considered a pioneer among experts in its efforts against the pandemic. Thanks to an unprecedented vaccination campaign and tough restrictions, the country, with its population of about nine million, has gotten the Corona pandemic under control. Recently, the number of infections and illnesses there have fallen sharply.

UV-C light directly destroys the RNA structure of viruses and other microorganisms, rendering them harmless. Even SARS-CoV-2 viruses are destroyed by 99.999 percent - as proven by many international studies. This includes the recently emerged COVID-19 virus mutations.

Heraeus UV-C devices are designed for maximum safety – the devices contain UV-C light within to protect those nearby. In addition, several studies verified the lamps do not increase natural ozone levels. In addition, UV-C air purifiers from Heraeus do not require expensive filters, making them up to 80 percent less expensive over their lifetime than comparable systems with filters.

UV-C technology has been used for decades to purify drinking water in Germany. The systems from Heraeus Noblelight are already in use in many applications - not only in schools, but also in doctors' surgeries and kindergartens. The company developed devices for different sizes of rooms and users can combine multiple devices to meet their specific needs. Heraeus experts also offer retrofit solutions for ventilation systems and vehicles. The city of Hanau was the first in Germany to retrofit some of its bus fleet with UV-C air purifiers. Within a few minutes, 99.99% of the cabin air in the buses is free of viruses. The retrofit time is only two to three hours per bus.