UV air purifier Soluva® Air T

The compact tabletop unit shows its strengths in the private home as well as in smaller offices and rooms for meetings, customer consultations, therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. It continuously disinfects the air directly around the people who meet here, effectively protecting it from viruses, bacteria and germs. Comfortable to use, almost inaudible and with its valuable design suitable for any ambience.

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UV air purifier Soluva® Air W

The UV air filter is perfect for high traffic areas, such as offices and meeting rooms, retail stores, canteens, restaurants and hotel rooms, schools, doctor's waiting rooms, government offices and more. Simply mount it and plug it into a standard household outlet, and it will provide constant germ-free air. It requires neither chemicals nor filter replacement and can be reliably used in continuous operation.

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UV air purifier Soluva® Air M10

This UV air purifier is designed for large, closed rooms or buildings with high ceilings from 3m, where there is no ventilation system. It is therefore perfect for air purification in production halls, canteens, cold rooms, reception halls, hotel foyers or auditoriums in schools. A simple and effective hygiene solution to protect your employees - without leaving residues on the end product.

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UV air purifier Soluva® Air F

With its high air flow rate, this UV air purifier provides constant, reliable protection against germs of all kinds in rooms where many people spend time together: from daycare centers to clinics, from offices to social rooms, from stores to cafés. Mounted on a mobile stand, it is always quickly at hand wherever it is needed. Optionally, it can also be mounted on the ceiling or wall.

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Heraeus UV air purifiers - simple, safe and reliable

Soluva® uses UV light to destroy viruses and bacteria within seconds, ensuring clean indoor air. Our UV air purifiers are versatile for use on a table, wall, ceiling or mobile on a rack and offer the right device for every application.

- Please note the Soluva® webshop is currently only available for purchase and installation of products in Europe. Availability is coming soon to customers in the Americas! -

Soluva® products offer the right device for every application.

Kindergartens, schools, offices, medical practices, restaurants or hotels. Wherever many people move, touch, talk, cough and sneeze, the risk of infection from viruses or bacteria is a constant threat. Ensure greater safety now to protect yourself and those around you with our Soluva® products.

Advantages of our UVC devices for disinfection of surfaces and room air

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  • Reliable technology from a market leader in UV technology
  • Gentle and highly effective air disinfection of rooms, scientifically proven.
  • UV-C (UVGI) devices from Heraeus do not need expensive filters
  • Easy to install, device works on household electricity
  • Long service life of UV-C lamps
  • Absolutely safe: No unwanted emission of UV light, no ozone, no chemicals necessary
  • Protection also against other viruses transmitted via surfaces, air or aerosols

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