Soluva® UVC disinfection devices for air and surface sterilization

UVC devices for highly efficient disinfection - safe, fast, dry and chemical-free

UV air and surface sterilization reduces infection risk in our everyday life and leaves viruses no chance. Our portfolio of Soluva® UVC devices offer the right product for every air and surface disinfection application.

The Soluva Air devices offer UVGI air disinfection for different sizes and types of rooms. Product formats available include both in-room and in-duct air disinfection devices for commercial buildings and even devices for public transportation vehicles such as buses.

The Soluva Zone and Chamber are UVC devices for surface disinfection, whether you need a portable handheld device for disinfecting high-touch surfaces or need to disinfect small objects such as masks and phones.

Discover which UVC device is best for your air and surface disinfection needs and download the specifications.

Products for air disinfection

Products for surface disinfection

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