UVC (UVGI) disinfection of surfaces: Soluva® Zone H

Soluva® Zone H - the mobile solution for UV disinfection of surfaces
Soluva® Zone H - the mobile solution for UV disinfection of surfaces

The most powerful battery-powered UV-C device for surface disinfection. Chemical-free, dry, contactless, fast - absolutely reliable destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungi. A short sweep of the surface several times with Soluva Zone H is all it takes. SARS CoV2 has only a thin lipid (fat) layer. UV-C breaks through this layer and destroys the virus RNA immediately.

Application sites: Surfaces that need quick or frequent disinfection or where wet sterilization is not possible. Disinfect vehicles, rooms, sensitive electronics, surfaces and equipment for emergency services, police, fire department, etc.

For commercial use only - follow safety instructions. Not for sale to private households.

Soluva® Zone H - the mobile solution for UV disinfection of surfaces

The Soluva® Zone H is a handheld mobile UV-C (UVGI) unit for surface cleaning and disinfection. The SARS CoV2 has only a thin lipid (fat) layer and is very easy to destroy using UV-C light. UV-C doses add up. Briefly scanning the surfaces several times destroys the virus immediately. Tests with the University Hospital of Tübingen confirmed 99.999% disinfection rates on surfaces.

The device comes with a removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger. The unit has a static exposure area of 40cm x10cm and weighs only 2.1Kg in total.

Please note: During use this device exposes users and occupants to UV-C light. Protective clothing, in addition to the included gloves and face shield, are essential for safe use.

Video: Soluva® Zone H - the mobile solution for surface cleaning and disinfection

Soluva® Zone H - the solution for disinfection of surfaces with UV light
Here you can watch our Soluva® Zone H in use for cleaning surfaces with UV light

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Product Discription

Your advantages at a glance

  • CE-compliant device
  • Safe, fast and reliable disinfection of surfaces. 99.999% proven
  • Battery-operated device for maximum unhindered movement
  • Dry cleaning - no use of chemicals or wet disinfectants which can damage sensitive electronics
  • Use cleaned objects again immediately
  • Disinfects surfaces gently, no damage caused by liquid or solid cleaning agents

Scope of delivery:

  • UV module: Soluva® Zone H
  • Power supply system: Removable rechargeable battery with charger
  • Documentation: Operating instructions in German, warranty declaration
  • Accessories: Face shield, gloves, UVC test strips

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Technical data

  • Dimensions (L×H×B): 58 × 18 × 12,5 cm / (22.8” × 7.1” × 4.9”)
  • Weight: 1,7 kg (3,75 lbs), plus battery
  • Low pressure UVC lamp
  • Nominal electrical power: 39 W
  • Nominal battery capacity: 2.5 Ah
  • Nominal battery voltage: 18 V
  • Typical runtime with fully charged battery: >45 min