Soluva UV-C light versus HEPA filters

UV-C (UVGI) light is more effective, saves costs and maintenance

SARS-CoV-2 complicates our everyday life enormously. Conventional air purifiers are no longer sufficient. Heraeus Noblelight’s air purifier uses pure UV light to disinfect 99% of the viruses and bacteria in a room. Find out why UV-C (UVGI) air purifiers from Heraeus are practically and technologically superior to HEPA filter purification devices.

Heraeus UV disinfection unit Soluva® Air W compared to HEPA purification devices

UV-C (UVGI) air purifiers are technologically and practically superior to filters

HEPA filters only collect active viruses instead of destroying them and therefore need to be replaced regularly. UV air purifiers inactivate the viruses immediately, including all SARS-CoV-2 mutations. Due to the long life of the UV lamps, maintenance is much less. UV-C air purifiers make hardly any noise and can be used during continuous operation.

UV-C Air Purifier
(Heraeus Soluva® Air W)
HEPA device 1 HEPA device 2
Acquisition cost (net) 2,199.- € 3,375.- € 2,900.- €
Delivery costs Included 72.- € 120.- €
Installation costs 90.- € None 90.- €
Packing weight 35 kg 90 kg 200 kg
Dimensions (LxDxH) 998 x 197 x 685 mm 690 x 610 x 1300 mm 712 x 508 x 2,354 mm
Lifetime assuming 1600 operating hours/year (lifetime Heraeus UV-C lamp) 10 years (= Oper. 16,000 hrs) Reference value 10 years Reference value 10 years
Cost / energy consumption / year 78.- € (351 kWh / 1600 Oper. hrs.) 60.- € (276 kWh/1600 Oper. hrs.) 98.- € (447 kWh/1600 Oper. hrs.)
Filter costs/year (change every 6 months) Filter, change, disposal/year 0€ 1.390.- € for 2 filter sets/year 200.- € change and disposal 828.- € for 2 filter sets/year
200.- € change and disposal
Test under real conditions - e.g. Fraunhofer Institute, Biotech, Uni Tübingen YES NO NO
Total net acquisition and
operating costs over 10 years
3,069.- € 19,947.- € 14,250.- €
Advantages of the UV-C air purifier Heraeus Soluva® Air W in comparison of two HEPA air purifiers.

Expert opinions and practical tests confirm the facts

Statement of the Indoor Air Hygiene Commission (IRK) on the use of mobile air cleaners in schools

Initiated by the Munich University of Applied Sciences

  • Device is much too loud
  • Because of the loud noise, can utilize only about one third of the device power
  • Maximum 50% of the particles filtered
  • Effective operation not possible without additional ventilation
  • School principal Heike Frenzel: "It makes no sense to place these devices all over the place".

The above-mentioned test certificates are available for Heraeus equipment and meet these requirements.