What you should know about air purifiers...

...and why Soluva® devices with UV light are particularly powerful weapons against viruses

Viruses float in the air

Like many other viruses, the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads mainly via aerosols. The risk of infection is therefore high when many people are close together and there are not enough fresh air changes per hour.

UV light is an effective weapon against viruses

UVC light easily penetrates the outer shell of the virus to reach the genetic material inside. There, the UVC light causes dimer formation which prevents the virus from multiplying. This is how UVC light makes viruses inactive and thus no longer infectious.

By the way: It is not important whether the virus is called beta, delta or omicron - or flu or cold because every virus molecule has genetic information that UV light inactivates.

UV light air purifiers for forced-air heating and cooling





Soluva® Air D offers the ideal solution for air disinfection in forced-air HVAC ductwork because it doesn’t just filter viruses out of the air, but destroys the virus.

Soluva® Air D – The ideal in-duct air disinfection system.

Soluva® Air D uses intense UV-C light with exactly 254 nm wavelength, perfect for destroying corona viruses and their mutations without producing ozone

In contrast to HEPA filters, Soluva® Air D doesn’t cause a pressure loss in the system – air handling fans can run as usual, and there are no expensive on-going filter changes

Installation into existing ducts is quick and easy thanks to a modular design – simply combine multiple modules for higher air flow rates

Soluva® Air D modules also work in humid environments with up to 85% humidity