Infrared heat cures powder coating more efficient

Gas catalytic Infrared oven ensures brilliant surface finish for kitchen fronts

Storybook about plastic welding with infrared heat

There is a wide range of surface finish requirements for cooker fronts in terms of design and surface properties. As well as the variety of colours and shapes other properties such as scratch-resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance also play an important part.
Modern powder coatings are of great assistance here. The powder coating must not only run easily but also cure easily.
A versatile, tailor-made gas catalytic infrared oven from Heraeus ensures a brilliant surface finish, especially for medium density fibre boards (MDF).

Cooker fronts made of MDF board are enhanced by a coating. This can be a liquid or powder system, which allow both a seamless coating, with exceptional mechanical and chemical properties.

Kempa Fits the New Heraeus Infrared Oven

The Belgian company Kempa Products supplies kitchen fronts exactly to customer specifications in batches from one upwards. Consequently, in order to meet the powder coating requirements, the drying and curing oven must be flexible enough to meet all situations. Kempa has used a gas catalytic oven from Heraeus for this essential, flexible heating process since the beginning of the year.
Paul Maeyninckx, managing director of Kempa Products, is delighted and comments, “In partnership with Heraeus, we could determine the plant design and set up the plant so that we can now react flexibly to every customer specification. As a result, we can achieve a very good finish much faster than before”

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