Rhodium (Rh)

Due to its distinct catalytic effects, rhodium is mainly used as a heterogeneous but also as a homogeneous catalyst. Approximately 90% of the annual production of rhodium is used in the automotive industry for exhaust catalytic converters. More than 80 % of the worldwide demand for rhodium in automotive catalytic converters is based on its application as a co-metal to platinum or palladium.

Compound CAS Number Formula Metal Contain. approx. Color
Rhodium acetate 42204-14-8 "Rh(OAc)x" 39 % brown
Rhodium acetate solution 42204-14-8 / 26105-49-7 "Rh(OAc)x" up to 8 % brown
Rhodium(III) chloride hydrate 20765-98-4 RhCl3 · n H2O 38 % red
Rhodium(III) chloride solution 13569-65-8 RhCl3 up to 20 % red
Rhodium(III) nitrate solution 10139-58-9 Rh(NO3)3 up to 13 % brown