Silver (Ag)

Silver has been in use since approximately 4,000 B.C.E. At times, its rarity made it more valuable than gold.

Heraeus offers silver compounds for coating of catalysts. It is applied on a very large scale to the oxidation of ethene to ethylene oxide (“EO”) with atmospheric oxygen.

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Compound CAS Number Formula Metal ­­Cont. ­­approx. Color
Potassium dicyanoargentate(I) “Potassium Silver Cyanide” 506-61-6 K[Ag(CN)2] 54 % colorless
Silver(I) acetate 563-63-3 Ag(OAc) 64 % colorless
Silver(I) nitrate 7761-88-8 AgNO3 63 % colorless
Silver(I) oxide 20667-12-3 Ag2O 93 % brown
Silver(II) oxide 1301-96-8 AgO 87 % black
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