Osmium (Os)

Osmium metal is extremely hard and dense; properties that make it ideal for uses where durability is key. Heraeus manufactures a range of osmium compounds, as solids and solutions. These salts find application, for example, as catalysts for the synthesis of fine chemicals and as starting materials for the synthesis of organometallic osmium compounds.

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Compound CAS Number Formula Metal ­cont. ­approx. Color
Ammonium hexachloroosmate(IV) 12125-08-5 (NH4)2[OsCl6] 43 % red-black
Osmium(III) chloride hydrate 14996-60-2 OsCl3 · n H2O 55 % black
Osmium(VIII) oxide 20816-12-0 OsO4 75 % yellow
Osmium(VIII) oxide solution 20816-12-0 OsO4 up to 3 % yellow
Potassium tetrahydroxodioxoosmate(VI) “Potassium Osmate”
K2[Os(O)2(OH)4] 52 % violet
Sodium hexachloroosmate(IV) hydrate 207683-17-8 Na2[OsCl6] · n H2O 39 % red-black