Contract Manufacturing of Highly Potent APIs (CDMO)

Many highly active ingredients require special, which compels manufacturers to take appropriate protective measures. Heraeus with its diverse experience in chemistry, processes and the appropriate equipment is a partner fully dedicated to the manufacturing of hAPIs.

Custom Manufacturing

Cancer cases are steadily on the rise across the globe. Highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (hAPIs) are the key compounds and most relevant to combination therapies in particular. Both developing new active ingredients and optimizing lab syntheses for mass production require the profound knowledge of experts. Moreover, hAPIs have to be handled in high-containment facilities with extreme care.

Heraeus has the appropriate equipment and extensive experience in dealing with such challenging molecules. We support our customers in the exclusive synthesis of cytotoxic compounds from the research stage to registration and market launch. With these comprehensive services, customers are free to focus on their core business and to transform their innovative ideas into commercial products.

More than 40 years of expertise in the field of cytotoxic hAPIs is the foundation of our exclusive contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO). Therefore,

  • Heraeus' high-containment systems (OEL < 10 ng/m3) ensure the highest technological standard.
  • Scientists and experts contribute extensive knowledge and experience to each project.
  • Contract manufacturing includes batches from gram to fully commercial scale.
  • With comprehensive GMP documentation and outstanding global regulatory support we offer the full-service package.
  • Heraeus strictly protects customers’ IP.

With our comprehensive knowledge in process chemistry and project management, we always create tailor-made offers to you as our clients and guarantee time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for any challenges you may face.