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PCIM Europe digital days take place July 7th - 8th, 2020. We are participating as exhibitor and are particularly looking forward to our two Round Table Meetings addressing current “hot topics” in the power electronics market.

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Why Sintering?

July 7, 11 – 12 am
Modern applications such as electric mobility pose high demands for the power electronics. The materials used must withstand higher power densities and switching frequencies. This in turn leads to higher operating temperatures of up to 250°C. Here, classical soldering technology is reaching its limits.
Is sintering the new soldering for high-temperature ranges? What benefits does it have compared to soldering? And how to implement sintering?

Bonding is Forever – Next Generation Power Wires & Ribbons

July 8, 10 – 11 am
A second limiting factor of power electronics in the high temperature range is aluminum wire. Compared to aluminum, copper has a better thermal and electrical conductivity and a lower coefficient of electrical expansion. However, bonding copper on a semiconductor is not always possible since a standard semiconductor surface is usually not designed for the hardness of copper.
How can the advantages of aluminum and copper be combined? And, besides bonding, what are other die top connection technologies available in the market today? Which one fits best to your requirements?

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