Thick Film Heater Materials

Heating elements are widely used in various industries and applications. Heraeus packages and matched material systems of thick film inks portfolio offers design flexibility, provide higher reliability and lead to faster cycles giving customers an advantage and further improve customer focus.

Pastes on Steel

More challenging performance requirements and unique form factors for heaters are expanding the use of thick film materials in even more applications. The latest thick film heaters are able to be thinner, designed in any shape, and provide higher reliability which opens new markets for customers to be competitive. The thick film technology provides outstanding heating uniformity for devices with matched material systems.

Heraeus thick film heater materials provide you the solutions to meet these demanding conditions with conductor, resistor, and insulating paste options. Solutions are available for polymer, glass, metal, and a large variety of oxide and nitride ceramic substrates, giving you the flexibility to design heaters for applications over a wide operating temperature range.

Heraeus thick film heater materials sets are packaged upon substrate types and focus on the customers’ desired operating temperatures, heater specifications, and design requirements – PET and polyamide packages for operating temperatures up to 250°C; aluminum and stainless steel packages reaching higher temperatures up to 350°C; and packages for oxide and nitride ceramic substrates reliable up to 700°C.

Beyond our standard portfolio we are able to design solutions for your special applications. Our application centres allow us to test the adaptions directly and to optimize them to achieve a superior product quality. Save time and money with Heraeus as a qualified partner and accelerate your process.


  • Automotive: electrical vehicle battery thermal management, cabin and comfort heating, heaters for sensors in autos, incl. advanced driver assistance
  • Industrial: food service, white goods, thermal print heads, e-cigarettes
  • Semiconductor: wafer burn-in, wafer processing
  • Aerospace: instrumentation, sensors
  • Medical: analytical equipment, temperature optimization for sensors

Typical products:

Heater systems by substrate PET, PEN FR4, Polymide Aluminium (Celcion®) Stainless Steel (Heramic) Oxide ceramics (Al2O3, ZTA, ZrO2, YSZ) Nitride ceramics (AIN)
Operating temperature Up to 100 °C Up to 250 °C Up to 200 °C Up to 350 °C Up to 200 - 1000°C Up to 200 - 1000 °C
Conductor traces and termination pastes LTC 3602 LTC 3301
LTC 3501
C 8829D SC 1001 C 8728
C 4729A
C 2160B
C 3620
C 8757
C 2360
C 3620
Resistive heating materials LTR 4905
LTR 4911
LTR 4600
LTR 4300H Series
LTR 4000 Series
HTR 12000AR Series SR 21 350 Series R 8900 Series
R 2200 Series
PC 10000
R 2211, R 2221
PC 10000 Series
C 3620
Insulators / Dielectrics UVD 5800 Series UVD 5800 Series IP 6075 SD 1010A IP 9217
IP 9227
IP 9242
Overglazes / Soldermask SM 2000 SR1019 IP 9036A
IP 9217
IP 9002
IP 9241