Thick Film Heater Materials

Heating elements are widely used in various industries and applications. The thick film materials for heaters make the products more flexible in design with unlimited dimensions and provide outstanding heating uniformity for devices.

Pastes on Steel

More challenging performance requirements and unique form factors for heaters are expanding the use of thick film materials in even more applications. The latest thick film heaters are able to be thinner, designed in any shape, and provide higher reliability which opens new markets for customers to be competitive. The thick film technology provides outstanding heating uniformity for devices with matched material systems.

Heraeus thick film heater materials provide you the solutions to meet these demanding conditions with conductor, resistor, and insulating paste options. Solutions are available for polymer, glass, metal, and a large variety of oxide and nitride ceramic substrates, giving you the flexibility to design heaters for applications over a wide operating temperature range.

Beyond our standard portfolio we are able to design solutions for your special applications. Our application centres allow us to test the adaptions directly and to optimize them to achieve a superior product quality. Save time and money with Heraeus as a qualified partner and accelerate your process.


  • Industrial: food service, white goods, thermal print heads, e-cigarettes
  • Automotive: seat heaters, mirror/window defoggers, battery heaters
  • Semiconductor: wafer burn-in, wafer processing
  • Aerospace: instrumentation, sensors
  • Medical: analytical equipment, temperature optimization for sensors

Typical products:

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