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Heraeus Electronics, your expert for materials and materials solutions for the electronics industry, will showcase some of its newest innovations at PCIM Europe 2017. Matched materials help customers to develop solutions with higher power density and higher temperature. They also answer the demand for improved reliability and miniaturization.

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May 16-18, 2017

Nuremberg, Germany

Booth 9-551

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A few of the featured solutions at PCIM Europe include:

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Our Sinter Materials experts Wolfgang Schmitt and Ly May Chew present their papers at the conference

Ly May Chew and Wolfgang Schmitt speak at PCIM  Europe
Ly May Chew and Wolfgang Schmitt

Wednesday, 17 May 2017, Poster Dialogue Sessions
15:30 – 17:30, Foyer Ground Floor Entrance NCC Mitte

Silver sinter materials have attracted rising attention for use as interconnect materials in power electronic devices mainly due to the requirements for longer lifetime, higher efficiency, lower manufacturing cost and the most importantly devices not containing lead.

Silver sintering processes are generally classified as pressure and non-pressure sintering based on the presence or absence of applied pressure during the sintering process.

Study: A new alternative non-pressure silver sinter process by using IR

Authors: Wolfgang Schmitt, Ly May Chew, Robert Miller, Anna Wolf

In this study, the non-pressure sintering process was carried out by IR radiation instead of under a conventional programmable oven.

The results show that the sintering process time can be shortened to one fourth of the time compared to the conventional sintering in a programmable oven. The sintered layer obtained by IR sintering is more uniform than the sintered layer generated in convection oven and it is expected that the sintered layer obtained by IR sintering will be more reliable.

Study: Sintered Ag joints on copper lead frame TO220 by pressure sintering process with improved reliability and bonding strength

Authors: Ly May Chew, Wolfgang Schmitt, Jens Nachreiner

In this study, the results verify that the bonding strength of silver sintered joints on TO220 Cu lead frame is stronger and high reliability to temperature cycling test is achieved by applying pressure during sintering process.

The other aspect of this study was to carry out pressure sintering process using die bonder machine by combining die placement and sintering process. The results demonstrate that pressure sintering process is feasible using this alternative method and die shear strength of approximately 20 MPa is obtained.

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