Heraeus Precious Forecast 2021

  • Gold remains on record course in Corona crisis
  • Silver likely to continue upward trend
  • Iridium and rhodium could reach all-time highs
  • High volatility increases demand for price hedging models

How will gold, silver, and the platinum group metals develop in the year 2021 considering the ongoing corona crisis? As the world's largest precious metals service provider, what trends does Heraeus expect for its own business and for the industry as a whole? What does current developments mean for precious metals trading and industrial applications? We provide answers to these questions in our Precious Metals Forecast for 2021.

According to the world's largest precious metals processor, Heraeus Precious Metals, the gold price will reach record highs in the new year. "We expect the recent price fluctuations in the precious metals markets to continue, given the ongoing corona crisis and the central banks' monetary glut," said André Christl, President of Heraeus Precious Metals, at the presentation of the annual precious metals forecast.

Silver is expected to benefit from strong demand from industry and continued investor interest, outperforming even gold. Platinum group metals, which are heavily dependent on the automotive industry, are likely to remain at a high level with continued strong fluctuations. Some metals such as iridium and rhodium are likely to reach new highs.

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