Important information about applying at Heraeus

Join us at Heraeus! We offer a wide variety of exciting challenges in an innovative environment. Take a look at our Job Finder and apply for one of our job openings.

Joining our company: The application process

You can apply at any time you choose. Our Job Finder lists positions that are currently available.

Certainly. If several positions are of interest to you, you can apply for all of them at the same time. We ask that you submit a separate application for each position.

Yes, you can always save your entries and continue with your application at a later date.

No further changes can be made following submission. It is therefore important to review your application carefully before sending it to us.

If you don’t have access to an important document when completing your application, you can upload it later. To do so, go to “Job applications” on our jobs website and click on “Show/Edit application.”

Your profile can be updated at any time.

Yes, this can be done at any time. To do so, go to “Job applications” on our jobs website and click on “Withdraw application.” In that case your application will not be considered for the position in question. Your data will remain in our application system, however, so you can reapply for the same position later on or apply for a different one.

Applying online

You can upload your application documents as soon as you have assembled them. It takes an average of 10 minutes to fill out the online application.

Our application system is optimized for commonly used browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). Outdated versions or other browsers may also be used, but the image may be distorted.

We recommend that you upload your documents (letters, credentials, resume) to your applicant profile in PDF format. You may also use other common formats, such as DOC, JPG, RTF and TXT files. Please note that individual files should not exceed 5 MB in size.

We are unable to accept ZIP files.

We attach great importance to data security, and particularly to safeguarding personal information about our applicants. It goes without saying that your data are transmitted securely and that we comply with all data protection laws.

Only authorized individuals will have access to your information. More detailed information can be found in our privacy statement, which can also be accessed through the online application.

Your personal information will remain in our online application system until you delete it or revoke your consent to release the data. If you revoke your consent, we will no longer have access to your information. However, you can update your data later and submit another application.

Naturally, all information provided to us is kept confidential. If you have not logged into our application system for nine months, your data will automatically be deleted. Prior to deletion you will receive a reminder email. If at that point you log in again, your information will be saved for an additional six months.

Applicant profile

Sometimes more than one position may have an identical or similar description. To avoid confusion, we assign an individual identifier, a so-called reference code, to each position.

That code is included in any job listing, whether published on the internet or in other media. The reference code helps you find the right listing when searching for a position online.

Your user name is the email address that you used when you began the registration process.

If the address you entered is already in use, you may already be registered in our system. Each email address can be entered only once.

Please check your entry for typos; it’s possible that another applicant has a very similar address.

Or have you already registered with us? In that case, click on “Forgot your password?”

Click on “Forgot your password?” and enter your email address. We will promptly send you an email with a link allowing you to select a new password.

If you can’t see your profile, your registration was not successful. Please try again.

Any changes you make in your profile are effective immediately and will be reflected in any open applications.

Your profile is active as long as you have an open application. After all applications have been closed, your profile will be kept for another nine months, after which it is deleted.

You will receive a reminder prior to deletion. To keep your profile from being deleted, simply log in again. If you do so, your profile will be kept for another period of six months.

You have the option of deleting your profile at any time. To do so, log into your user account and select “My profile.” On the upper menu bar, click on “Delete profile.” Please note that deleting your profile also cancels any ongoing applications.

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