Anitra Dent on her work as a HR Specialist at Heraeus

Anitra Dent, HR Specialist

“At Heraeus, I have the opportunity to share my ideas and perspective. Employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo and have the freedom to suggest new ideas. If you are a free creative thinker with ideas to share, this is the place for you.”

As an HR Specialist, I work in a centralized function, supporting employees across the U.S. On a daily basis, I help employees make benefits decisions or problem-solve their benefits-related issues. One of the big programs that I run is called “Healthy Heraeus”, which encompasses our full package of wellness initiatives. That includes everything from bio-metric screenings and health assessments to sleep studies, weight loss programs and supplying teams with a Nutri-bullet so that they can make healthy smoothies at work.

My role at Heraeus enables me to make a difference for all of our employees, both professionally and personally. For example, an employee was in the process of adopting a child, and I worked with them to make sure the new child’s benefits were set up, and the required paperwork was completed. Afterwards, I got a card with a picture of the baby and this reminded me that in HR, we touch people’s lives.

In my personal life, I am really driven by volunteering and helping others, and I like knowing that I can bring that side of myself to my job. Being part of a newly centralized function, there are still some things we are learning as we navigate the new structure, but as a support function, we now have the ability to create a consistent HR experience across the organization. This also allows our site HR to be as effective as possible. I have a great team, I work for a great company and I know that across Heraeus, we’re all in this together.