Cecilia Strüber on her work as a Machining Technician at Heraeus

Cecilia Strüber, Machining Technician

“As a Machining Technician, I fashion components for medical devices from precious metals. I operate two lathes to make electrodes and other components. It is important that I meet high quality standards because we make components for machines that help save lives. Everything has to be just right."

The components we produce are later installed in important medical products such as pacemakers. That makes me quite proud. I have the feeling that I am doing my part to help people with life-threatening illnesses.

That is why I don’t compromise when it comes to quality. I am very fastidious in that regard. I always think about what we could improve in what we do and how we work. We are often are called on to suggest ideas for enhancements. We use an improvement management system to collect suggestions and post ideas on a board. One of my ideas is being evaluated currently. It has to do with the simplification of production stages by means of precise analysis of the actual manufacturing process. Similar suggestions have helped us reduce costs by approximately 25 percent without affecting quality.

It is great that we have such freedom in our work. Our team is like a little family. We help and support each other whenever we can. And the job offers learning opportunities. My husband and I are currently taking a correspondence course together in mechanical engineering. By the way, we met at Heraeus!