Tom Coleman on his work as the Director of Sales and Marketing

Tom Coleman, Director of Sales and Marketing

"Technical excellence is what we believe in at Heraeus. We are a company with integrity, and approach our work in a sustainable way. In Sales and Marketing, I need to go beyond selling and focus on building long-term relationships to our customers. The culture of continuous improvement Heraeus keeps me focused on my job."

Heraeus is a unique company that is forward thinking, keeping its focus on long-term expansion and innovation. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, the work that I do goes much further beyond simply selling our products and services to our customers – my focus is to interact with our customers and build relationships beyond the prices of our products.

In my role I also interact regularly with our employees to determine how to best serve our customers in the steel-making and iron foundry business. The regular interactions that I have with our people and with our customers provides me with the opportunity to not only listen to what’s being said and what’s being done, but also to take action and make necessary changes. The position I’m in gives me a unique perspective in that I have a direct line of sight to all of our people and a direct relationship with all Departments at Heraeus.

I love the encouragement that exists within our culture for each of us to speak up and have a voice. The sustainability and constant innovation that we experience is something that happens organically from our people feeling empowered to share their ideas to improve our organization. I truly believe that this is one of the biggest reasons for our success. The fact that I’m able to have such a direct contribution to the overall success of our business really excites me and is one of the reasons why I plan to be at Heraeus for a long time.