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Press releases 2014

Product News 2014

Date Press release / Download Size
05.12.2014 Heraeus Materials Singapore experts presented at EPTC Singapore 2014 234 KB
15.11.2014 New Clevios hardcoat - Up to scratch 331 KB
03.11.2014 Heraeus FiberLight improves performance and cost of pollution monitoring 114 KB
01.11.2014 Heraeus Noblelight introduces the new Light Hammer 10 Mark II 43 KB
24.10.2014 Whether infrared or ultraviolet - gold colour profits from specialty lamps 82 KB
17.10.2014 Heraeus Celcion products earn UL recognition 215 KB
06.10.2014 IMAPS 2014 237 KB
01.10.2014 Heraeus receives award from international rectifier 89 KB
29.09.2014 Future touch technologies developed and optimized by Heraeus and ITRI, Taiwan 211 KB
04.09.2014 Responsible Gold Audit successfully passed 171 KB
21.08.2014 It's a cycle 370 KB
22.07.2014 Bright outlook by low temperatures 315 KB
01.07.2014 Targeted infrared matched to the task 77 KB
30.06.2014 Heraeus Medical honoured as top innovator 34 KB
26.05.2014 Heraeus shows cell phones from E-Chem Taiwan that uses conductive polymer technology at LOPEC Munich Exhibition 172 KB
16.05.2014 Heraeus to produce front-size metallization pastes in China 170 KB
15.05.2014 Heraeus Photovoltaics introduces two new pastes for lightly doped and ultra lightly doped emitter cells at SNEC 175 KB
14.05.2014 Heraeus Photovoltaics successfully integrates 2013 acquisition 170 KB
07.05.2014 Launch of Curetis Univero i60 cartridge sales and marketing program underway in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 42 KB
07.05.2014 Heraeus and Toagosei in invisible pattering technology partnership for conductive polymer films 117 KB
06.05.2014 Switch and control on a silver basis 172 KB
06.05.2014 21.2 percent world record efficiency PERC silicon solar cell using Heraeus Ag metallization pastes 325 KB
05.05.2014 Much helps a lot 170 KB
25.04.2014 World Malaria Day 2014: Saving lives with UV light 42 KB
22.04.2014 Shining contacts for slip rings 212 KB
04.04.2014 Extended product range and technical presentations at the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2014 362 KB
27.03.2014 Heraeus to attend the Int. Green Energy Expo in South Korea 174 KB
20.03.2014 World Water Day 2014: Disinfect drinking water and save energy at the same time 128 KB
20.02.2014 Heraeus Photovoltaics business unit to attend PV EXPO Japan 2014 262 KB
04.02.2014 Heraeus to share expert knowledge at conference 211 KB
01.02.2014 Conceptual infrared heat: The new MAX infrared oven for efficient industrial solutions 229 KB
29.01.2014 Heraeus introduces new thick print copper paste system 213 KB
27.01.2014 Heraeus Celcion announces proven performance benefits for LED lighting applications 378 KB
20.01.2014 Heraeus exclusive distributor for ICPH 194 KB
13.01.2014 Heraeus - Displaying new vision 227 KB
01.01.2014 Paint and lacquer curing: Infrared emitters and UV lamps provide an efficient combination 370 KB
01.01.2014 Heraeus Carbon Infrared oven improves powder coating flexibility and quality at SFS Intec 252 KB

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