Milestone for foldable touchscreens: Films coated with new Heraeus material can be folded for the first time more than 300,000 times

Hanau, November 16, 2016

Heraeus presents new hybrid technologies for foldable touch panels and flexible displays at C-Touch 2016 in Shenzhen (November, 25-27)

At this years C-Touch 2016 in Shenzhen Heraeus sets a milestone for foldable touchscreens and demonstrates its latest conductive polymer Clevios™ HY, a hybrid material of PEDOT:PSS and silver nanowires. The key features of the new product are ultimate flexibility – for the first time films coated with this new material can be folded more than 300,000 times without degradation of the electro-optical properties - and low sheet resistances of 50 to 100 Ohm/sq. Patterning of the coated films can be accomplished by laser or by an efficient and economic wet-chemical etching process yielding invisible patterns. For direct patterning, an inkjet version is under development. “Our new Clevios hybrid material is an important milestone in the development of foldable touch devices as we have not only optimized the fundamental material properties, but also developed an economic, high-throughput patterning process based on wet-etching for mass-production”, states Dr. Wilfried Lövenich, Head of Innovation at Heraeus New Businesses.

Heraeus shows prototypes in cooperation with ITRI and Intego

A foldable 7-inch Clevios touch panel prototype prepared in cooperation with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on a 12 micron thin polyimide substrate will be shown as well as 3-dimensional touch sensors and switches for automotive applications. Intego, the German developer of inspection systems for automated production lines used in a number of industries including glass/sapphire, solar, LED/OLED, electronics, automotive, plastics and medical technologies, will show its customized inspection tool at the Heraeus booth, which allows to visualize the invisible Clevios patterns for quality control in manufacturing processes.

Technical seminars held at the booth will provide an indepth view into the fascinating world of conductive polymers and their applications in future touch technology. Schedule of technical seminars: Nov. 24 from 3 – 4 pm; Nov. 25 from 10 – 11 am and 3 – 4 pm; Nov. 26 from 10-11 am.

Visit the Heraeus booth 1E51 and experience the future of touch technology.

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