Platinum Thin Film Elements with Lead Wire (e.g. Pt RTD)

Leaded sensor elements are primarily mainly used for attaching extension wires. M-type elements are the best choice for most applications and are usually welded to extension wires. The L-type element is constructed with highly-solderable AgPd lead wires. The HM, HL, and HD-type elements provide an extended high temperature operating range. C-Type elements are best for cryogenic applications.

Your Benefits – Our Strengths

  • Development of customer-specific special versions
  • Large-volume production for low-cost prices
  • Highest quality due to decades-long experience, research and development, qualified personnel, internal and external interlinking
  • Successful long-term and large-volume supplier, e.g. in automobile industry
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Proximity to customers via our global presence

Application Examples

  • Motor vehicles
  • Process measuring technology
  • Electronics
  • Life Sciences
  • Heating, air conditioning, ventilation
  • Household appliances, white goods
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