Making engines cleaner and more efficient is a continuous goal of the automotive industry. The requirements placed on today’s vehicles by policymakers and consumers are tremendous. Future generations of vehicles depend on modern emission control systems and hybrid technologies, while electromobility is becoming a key technology for the cars of tomorrow.

Meeting these major challenges requires sophisticated technology. Engine process control and precise data measurement play a significant role. Precision is required under demanding conditions, such as high temperature variations, harsh environments and severe mechanical stress.

Platinum sensors from Heraeus guarantee the precision and reliability you need for your applications. You can achieve precise and constant measurement data with little drift, even over long periods and across the particularly broad measuring range from –40°C to 1050°C. Outstanding chemical and mechanical stability and resistance to moisture, climate, and other environmental factors make measurements reproducible over many tens of thousands of cycles, thereby ensuring the necessary safety in continuous operation. Our products are constantly optimized to meet your needs and are manufactured to meet your technical and performance requirements.

Heraeus combines exclusive expertise from thin-film platinum technology and circuit technology with the utmost manufacturing precision. With unmatched expertise in materials science, sensors engineering and precision manufacturing, the industry’s leading companies turn to Heraeus for the development of reliable and innovative solutions. Whatever your needs, Heraeus will provide you with innovation and excellence at every step of the way, from idea to design to prototype to series production.

Examples of application for platinum sensors in the automotive industry

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