Thermal management is one of the major challenges in electronics. Components are expected to handle more power while using less space. This generates more heat, which must be quickly conducted away. Precise control is required to ensure that the sensitive components maximize performance without overheating and being damaged.

Precision of data and high reliability are properties that make platinum sensors useful for these applications. But above and beyond this, platinum sensors provide workability in smaller spaces without compromising functionality. With increasing miniaturization, not one micrometer can be wasted. The standardization of contacts for efficient manufacturing is also important.

Platinum sensors from Heraeus are well suited for your automatic assembly manufacturing and are available in very small dimensions. This saves space on your substrate. Our sensors offer the utmost precision and reliability, even in continuous operation.

With our long history and expertise in thin-film platinum technology, circuit technology and precision manufacturing, Heraeus can work with you to develop the best and most economical solution for your requirements. With your bottom line in mind, we manufacture your sensors at low cost in series production.

Temperature monitoring for electronic boards

Especially in high-performance electronics, sensors are used to monitor the temperature on the electronic boards. For data loggers and other uses, the ambient temperature is also monitored with integrated chips on the board, and drift effects are reliably compensated for in temperature transmitters.

Sensors in the SMD or TO92 format are suitable for these applications.

Overview: What you gain from Heraeus sensors for electronics

  • High precision
  • Usability for automatic assembly
  • Space-saving use on the substrate
  • High reliability
  • Economical production in large quantities
  • Sensors with AECQ 200 certification

Standardized characteristic curve allows sensors to be replaced without the need to adjust electronics. This helps you offer suitable replacement parts for your application over the long term.

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