Process technology

Virtually every industrial process involves temperature. In many cases, temperature measurement and temperature control are essential factors for the optimal outcome of the process.

While conventional sensors are adequate for some measurement applications, some processes have critical and demanding requirements. These include:

  • When precision and reliability are crucial
  • Harsh conditions caused by high currents, corrosive environments and/or mechanical stress
  • When the process is exposed to extreme high and/or low temperatures

When faced by these challenging factors, platinum sensors provide the ultimate in performance. Platinum sensors from Heraeus guarantee the precision and reliability that you need for reliable process control. You can achieve precise and constant measurement data with little drift even over long periods and across the particularly broad measuring range from –196°C to 1000°C.

Heraeus platinum sensors are designed and manufactured to perform reliably under the most demanding conditions. Heraeus sensors provide you with outstanding chemical and mechanical stability and resistance to moisture, climate or and other environmental factors. Their reliable and smooth operation, even under the most difficult conditions, can help you reduce costly downtime and maintenance time.

Our primary goal is to work with you to determine the best and most economical solution for your requirements. We offer a full line of products specially designed for your application. Contact us to learn how Heraeus sensors can improve the processes of your business.

Temperature measurement in industrial processes, industrial facilities, power plants, etc.

Platinum sensors help you monitor the temperature of your process continuously and reliably. For process technology applications, platinum thin film sensors (M, L, and MN series) or platinum wirewound sensors (KN and K Series) are typically used.

Overview: Advantages for you

  • High precision over a very broad range of temperatures
  • High long-term stability of measurement data, therefore particularly well suited for demanding applications in continuous operation
  • High reliability and durability
  • Availability in large quantities

Standardized characteristic curve allows sensors to be replaced without the need to adjust electronics. This helps you offer suitable replacement parts for your application over the long term.

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