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From photoresist technologies and first generation resins, to critical raw materials for pharmaceutical production, Heraeus Daychem produces a wide variety of specialty chemicals. Our products are a critical component in the semiconductor, display, electronic and aerospace industry.

Business Chemicals

Heraeus Daychem has been providing specialty chemicals for semiconductor and display applications for over 30 years. Specializing in developing Photo-Acid Generators (PAG’s), Photo Initiators, Monomers, or Cross-linkers.

Daychem’s additional strengths include:

  • Development partner for new chemistries
  • Novel synthesis routes and complete multi-step synthesis
  • Scale-up processes: from grams to hundreds of kilograms

Heraeus Daychem offers i-Line PAG’s and cross-linkers. Heraeus Daychem’s i-Line PAG’s are used in insulation layers to produce today’s LCD displays. Heraeus Daychem’s cross-linkers are used for example to make photoresists harder and are at least suitable for acrylate and methacrylate systems.

At Heraeus Daychem, our expertise lies in producing high-purity, electronic-grade chemicals, with extremely low metal contaminants. Using our novel synthesis technologies, distillation expertise, and with our advanced analytical equipment, we can detect contamination as low as 1 ppb, so your products outperform the competition.

Heraeus Daychem can scale up processes from grams to tons in a very short time frame.

We never sacrifice safety, as all Heraeus Daychem personnel are haz-mat certified and have experience in handling solid, liquid, and gaseous materials.

We offer:

  • on-site research and development lab
  • in-house analytical equipment
  • available warehousing

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