Heraeus Medical expands its digital solution to enable healthcare authorities to remotely monitor and prioritize potential COVID-19 patients

Heraeus Medical, makers of the market-leading PALACOS® bone cement, has enhanced its online HeraeusCare orthopaedic care coordination solution to a new digital health platform that connects healthcare authorities and providers with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does the COVID-19 remote care solution work?

HeraeusCare COVID-19 Patient Monitoring App

1) Hospitals assign the COVID-19 mobile app to the individuals/patients who have either mild symptoms or diagnosed infections without symptoms.

The mobile app contains the following:

  • Accurate, timely information and instructions about COVID-19 published by healthcare authorities/health agencies.
  • A symptom checker that allows app users to report daily symptoms. The symptom checker asks users each day if they have, for example, fewer, coughing, sore throat, or breathing problems.

2) Meanwhile, assigned mobile app users fill symptoms and data to their mobile app; hospitals can monitor, receive alerts, communicate with the patients, and produce reports for analysis.

The hospital monitoring dashboard contains the following functionalities:

  • Care personnel can monitor periodically the symptoms and well-being of at-risk individuals.
  • The dashboard creates alerts when the specified thresholds are exceeded and then can call the individuals/patients to the hospital.
  • Secure messaging allows patients - care personnel interaction during the whole care pathway. Dashboard helps in for example identifying patients at-risk and care personnel can send personalized instructions related to quarantine.
  • The dashboard collects pseudonymized data of the app users for building an overview to support further analysis about symptom development in certain patient profiles or geographical areas.

The HeraeusCare platform does not provide diagnostic services or decisions on care based on symptoms self-reported by patients. The system is designed to optimize patients flow into clinics and hospitals and summarize relevant medical information for potential future medical consultation.

We want to offer a possibility for healthcare professions or health agencies to check out our COVID-19 remote care solution.

Just send us an email to heraeuscare@heraeus.com