PALACOS® transition FAQ

PALACOS®, formerly sold exclusively through a distributor in the US, is now available directly through its inventor and exclusive manufacturer, Heraeus Medical.

Learn more below about the distribution transition.

Heraeus is a privately-owned Fortune 500 technology group with over 160 years of global success headquartered in Hanau, Germany.

Heraeus Medical, a division of Heraeus, is the inventor and exclusive manufacturer of PALACOS®, operating in nearly 60 countries and is the global leader in bone cement joint fixation and infection management.

Heraeus Medical has established a permanent US operation with a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to best serving US customers with our increasing portfolio. The company is dedicated to outstanding support as well as easy & flexible contracting.

The product portfolio comprises an extensive range of high quality PALACOS® bone cements, mixing, and application systems. PALACOS® is available in different viscosities for flexible handling during different orthopedic procedures.

  • PALACOS® R & R+G* is a high-viscosity bone cement and is suitable for vacuum mixing.
  • PALACOS® MV & MV+G* is a medium-viscosity bone cement.
  • PALACOS® LV & LV+G* is a low-viscosity bone cement. Thanks to its low viscosity, it enables precise application even through thin nozzles, and thus is ideal for small and medium sized joints such as the shoulder and elbow.
  • All PALACOS® cements are available with added gentamicin for antibiotic prophylaxis*.
  • The PALAMIX® vacuum mixing system has been exclusively developed to deliver perfectly homogeneous PALACOS® cement mixture.
  • The PALABOWL® vacuum mixing provides a value option to simplify cement preparation and improve cement consistency.

*Antibiotic-loaded bone cement is indicated for use in the second stage of a two-stage revision for the total joint arthroplasty after the initial infection has been cleared.

To ensure customers have access to PALACOS® during the 2018 transition period, Heraeus – the sole manufacturer of PALACOS® for more than 50 years – has provided limited inventory to Zimmer Biomet. To ensure uninterrupted access to PALACOS®, users should transition to Heraeus Medical now.

Yes. Heraeus is the originator and exclusive manufacturer of PALACOS®. Zimmer Biomet has only been acting as a distributor of the product made by Heraeus.

Heraeus Medical suggests that you make the switch now in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of PALACOS®. Heraeus Medical has provided limited inventory to Zimmer Biomet, but don’t have control over which accounts receive this product. Additionally, Heraeus Medical has new products available now to their customers, including PALAMIX®, which is an exclusive vacuum mixing system that is the key to the outstanding workability of PALACOS® cements. Heraeus Medical also has innovative products coming to the market, such as PALACOS® R & R+G pro, which are already FDA cleared.

You can fill out a PALACOS order form here, or call 1.833.PALACOS (725-2267). If there is anything you need for this transition, please do not hesitate to ask

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