Join Key Orthopedic Leaders for a Conversation on Your Cementing Technique

Learn how two top orthopedic leaders ensure the best outcomes for their total joint arthroplasty patients. In this online webinar, we discuss topics such as bone quality issues, the use of pulsatile lavage, the importance of vacuum mixing to prepare PMMA cements, and proper cement application to both bone and implant.

COPAL exchange G: Preformed Spacers for Supporting PJI Treatment

With minimal wear, maximized stability and increased antibiotic efficacy, Heraeus Medical’s new preformed spacer has been designed with surgeon ease and patient survivorship top-of-mind. Click here to learn more about our exclusive benefits.

Green Inside and Out

You might be seeing something new on your supply shelves – don’t worry! The PALACOS bone cement that you know and trust has not changed anything except the box.

Products and solutions for arthroplasty

Easy to handle, helping to optimize surgical procedures

Heraeus Medical in the United States

As PALACOS® is celebrating sixty years as the gold standard in joint fixation, Heraeus Medical – the inventor and exclusive manufacturer of PALACOS® – is proud to announce that it is transitioning to become its sole provider.

Heraeus Medical is committed to establish a direct purchasing relationship with our customers in the US, ensuring immediate and seamless access to the PALACOS® portfolio of high-quality cements.