PALAMIX® Cartridge Vacuum Mixing System

PALAMIX Cartridge Vacuum Mixing System with nozzles and pressurizer and vacuum hose
PALAMIX Catridge Vacuum Mixing System & PALAMIX Cement Gun
PALAMIX Cement Gun
PALAMIX Vacuum Pump

Cartridge Vacuum Mixing System for Safety and Simplicity

Inefficient mixing and application systems can result in inconsistent cement, unpredictable cement polymerization times, longer OR times, and other inefficiencies. Our PALAMIX® cartridge vacuum mixing system is designed to produce consistent, homogenized cement; and when paired with our design-winning cement application gun - minimizes cement wastage. Optimized mixing and application... You'll see the advantages add up.

Standardize Your Cement Portfolio with PALAMIX®

The PALAMIX® mixing system is designed to enable easy preparation and delivery of high quality bone cement:

  • Consistent results due to standardized mixing process
  • Particle filter prevents glass particles from entering the bone cement
  • Diverse selection of nozzles and pressurizers for optimal application
  • Mix up to 80g of bone cement in PALAMIX® uno, or up to 160g in PALAMIX® duo
  • Apply bone cement directly from the mixing cartridge
  • PALAMIX® has been shown to be 30 percent more effective at extruding cement than StrykerTM mixing systems – a cost savings of up to $3501,2

PALAMIX Cement Gun

Winner of the Design Preis Schweiz Award, the PALAMIX Cement Gun is engineered to enable precise cement extrusion with low torque force.

For use with:
PALAMIX Vacuum Mixing System
PALACOS pro All-In-One-Fixation-System

PALAMIX Vacuum Pump

Designed for easy use, our vacuum pump comes with hoses designed to work with your facility's system.

For use with:
PALAMIX Vacuum Mixing System
PALABOWL Vacuum Bowl Mixing System
PALACOS pro All-in-One Fixation System


These nozzles and pressurizers come included with your purchase of PALAMIX cartridge vacuum mixing system:
Standard nozzle (204 mm L, 11.3 mm DIA) 
Short nozzle (80.5 mm L, 11.3 mm DIA)
Femoral pressurizer
Knee pressurizer

Additional nozzles available for separate purchase:
Slim nozzle for low-viscosity cements 
Flexible, conical, medium nozzle for standard cement application

Air-induced porosity within the cement mantle can lead to a rapid propagation of fractures, weakening the cement mantle. A fractured and fragile cement mantle compromises the integrity of the interfaces, and therefore the survivorship of the implant3. Vacuum mixing reduces porosity, improves cement homogeneity, and strengthens the cement-prosthesis interface4. ​

Conventional mixing has been shown to substantially increase the likelihood of micro- and macrovoids in the cement mantle5. These increases of micro- and macrovoids (radiolucent lines under x-ray) have been linked to aseptic loosening in TKA6. ​

​Conversely, vacuum mixing has been shown to decrease void area and increase cement density5, leading to stronger cement and increased overall survivorship.​

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