palaJet - The disposable pulse lavage system

Pulse Lavage - Bone Bed Cleaning with palaJet®

Modern cementing technique is critical for the long-term success of a cemented endoprosthesis. Cleaning the bone bed using a pulse lavage system is an essential element and the first step in the modern cementing technique, where all cement-receiving bone surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to remove any fat residue, bone debris, marrow, and blood.1,2

Why is pulse lavage important?

  • Better cement interlocking with the cancellous bone3
  • Fewer thromboembolic complications4
  • Significantly lower risk of revision5
  • Lower postoperative infection rate in hemiarthroplasty6

palaJet® - Removing and Improving

palaJet - the disposable pulse lavage system with additional nozzles for Hip and Knee

palaJet®, the powerful disposable system at a glance:

  • Hip and Knee nozzles included in each set
  • Simple to use design, batteries included
  • High flow rate (up to 1,300 ml/min) and pressure (up to 15 psi) - regulated by switch on handpiece - 2 options
  • Pre-sterile
  • Lower risk of cross-contamination (compared to reusable systems)

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