PALACOS green packaging


You may notice something new on your stock room shelves, but don’t be confused.

PALACOS® bone cements from Heraeus will be updating the look of its packaging, to carry the distinctive PALACOS® green that surgeons and medical professionals all over the world have recognized for 60 years.

Nothing will change with your PALACOS® bone cement inside the boxes, or in your ordering – it’s the same clinically-proven product, the same dosage and convenient choice of viscosities, and the same SKUs for your ordering.

Please see the helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions, below. If you have questions about this - or any issue related to our products, our updated packaging, or our meticulous production standards - please don’t hesitate to contact our care team at 1-833-PALACOS.

Yes, you are still receiving the same version of PALACOS® bone cement as what has been made for more than 60 years and used in over 30 million cases. The PALACOS® within is still manufactured in a single site in Wehrheim, Germany by Heraeus Medical under exacting specifications. The only thing that has changed is the design of the box.

Our prior packaging in the United States had a blue pattern based on brand standards of our prior distribution partner. With Heraeus Medical directly entering the US market in 2018, we are updating our packaging to reflect our brand standards and standardize our packaging with what is distributed in the rest of the world.

In 1959, Heraeus Medical was the first company to add a coloring agent (Chlorophyll E141) to the bone cement. Many surgeons prefer this dye as the green hue makes it easier to distinguish the cement from bone during primary and revision surgery. With this innovation, PALACOS® Green became Heraeus Medical’s brand color and is used in our marketing materials throughout the world.

The dolphin is the international symbol of intelligence. With more JBJS criteria studies performed on it, outstanding survivorship in global joint registries and generally being known as the gold standard in arthroplasty, PALACOS® bone cements are the intelligent choice for your patient and institutional outcomes

No, you do not need to update anything about how you are ordering PALACOS® products from Heraeus Medical. As the product has remained unchanged, you can use the exact same stock keeping unit for ordering.