PALACOS® pro (2021)
All-in-One Fixation System™

palacos pro bone cement mixing
palacos pro accessories bone cement mixing
palacos pro accessories bone cement mixing

Your single-SKU solution to going all-in for your staff, patients, and surgeons.

The innovative PALACOS® pro All-in-One Fixation System™ integrates the renowned quality of PALACOS® bone cement into a ready-to-mix closed mixing system capable of mixing with or without vacuum. By adding an efficient, sterile workflow to the gold standard in cement1, PALACOS® pro brings a new level of simplification and standardization to your joint arthroplasty procedure.

All-In on Safety. All-In on Efficacy. All-in on Ease of Use.

Let the PALACOS® pro All-In-One-Fixation-SystemTM bring new levels of simplification and standardization to your joint arthroplasty procedure.

  • Preloaded packaging streamlines cement preparation
  • Ampoule casing valve releases formula, eliminating contact with monomer liquid
  • Pictogram operating instructions are printed on both the mixing device and Tyvek® packaging.
  • Double filtration for removal of glass particles
  • Sealed ampoule and activated charcoal filter reduces MMA fumes during mixing process
  • All-in-one stocking unit simplifies ordering and lowers facility costs
  • Available in four variants (R, R+G*, MV, and MV+G*), and two sizes (40 and 80) for utmost flexibility during surgery.
  • Able to be mixed with or without vacuum

* In the United States, PALACOS® R+G and MV+G are indicated for use in the second stage of a two-stage revision for total joint arthroplasty after the initial infection has been cleared.

PALAMIX Cement Gun

PALAMIX Cement Gun

Winner of the Design Preis Schweiz Award, the PALAMIX Cement Gun is engineered to enable precise cement extrusion with low torque force.

For use with:
PALAMIX Vacuum Mixing System
PALACOS pro All-In-One-Fixation-System

palagun cement gun single use

PALAGUN Single-Use Cement Gun

The one-time-use PALAGUN is a convenient option for facilities seeking the benefits of gun pressurization while maintaining cost efficiency without repeated sterilizations.

For use with:
PALAMIX Vacuum Mixing System
PALACOS pro All-In-One-Fixation-System

PALACOS pro Nozzles and Pressurizers


These nozzles and pressurizers come included with your purchase of the PALACOS pro All-In-One-Fixation-System:
Standard nozzle, green (210 mm, 11.3 -14 mm DIA) (conical) 
Short nozzle, green (65 mm, 11.3mm DIA)
Spatula nozzle, green (73.5 mm, 13.5mm DIA)
Femoral and knee pressurizers

Additional nozzles available for separate purchase:
Medium nozzle (241 mm L, 8.3 - 12.6 mm DIA) (conical)

PALAMIX Vacuum Pump

PALAMIX Vacuum Pump

Designed for easy use, our vacuum pump comes with hoses designed to work with your facility's system.

For use with:
PALACOS pro All-in-One Fixation System
PALABOWL Vacuum Bowl Mixing System
PALAMIX Vacuum Mixing System

Closed mixing systems, such as the PALACOS® pro All-In-One-Fixation-SystemTM, provide protection not just for the cement during mixing and setting but also for the patient and staff in the operating room. 

Research studies have shown significant bacterial and particulate counts inside the OR and that contamination of the back-table is time dependent.3,4 Additionally, 97% of the delegates to the 2018 International Consensus Meeting on PJI expressed concern that particles such as cement may cause contamination after becoming aerosolized, contacting unsterile surfaces, and falling onto sterile equipment or into the wound.5 Our enclosed system minimizes the risk of contamination by providing safe and contactless handling.

Closed mixing systems also greatly reduce staff and patient exposure to MMA fumes. The PALACOS® pro All-In-One-Fixation-SystemTM has been shown to reduce MMA fumes significantly compared to other preloaded, contained systems2.

PALACOS R & R+G pro: Handling Video

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