Combination. Perfection.
Synergistic effects from a coherent system.

In modern cementing techniques, the combination of different elements is crucial to the long-term surgical outcome. Today, “state-of-the-art” not only refers to the choice of suitable bone cement with appropriate viscosity and composition, but also to vacuum mixing systems that produce homogeneous, standardized mixtures, bone bed preparation, and the application of pressure with a pressurizer.

The PALAMIX® vacuum mixing system is the secret to the outstanding workability of PALACOS® cements. Exclusively developed for all PALACOS® cements, it delivers a perfectly homogeneous cement mixture.

  • Safe and easy handling
  • Filling funnel with particle filter prevents glass particles in the bone cement
  • Standardized mixing process produces consistent results
  • Easy and time-saving use, thanks to collection under vacuum
  • Selection of nozzles for different indications
  • Includes diverse pressurizers for optimal cementing techniques
  • Mix up to 80 g of bone cement in PALAMIX® uno (or up to 160 g of bone cement in PALAMIX® duo in 2 cartridges)
  • Apply bone cement directly from the mixing cartridge
PALABOWL Vacuum Mixing Bowl

The PALABOWL vacuum mixing bowl allows excellent visibility and monitoring of the blending process.

  • Rotating axis paddle design allows mixing from all angles to create a thorough cement mix with the least possible unmixed powder
  • Shaped spatula and curette included, exactly matching the contour of the bowl to help remove cement from the bowl without waste
  • The bowl allows for a high capacity, up to 3 batches of 40 g of bone cement can be mixed at once
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