COPAL® exchange G - Preformed Spacers for Supporting PJI Treatment

For two-stage revision procedures, COPAL® exchange G is the only spacer that integrates minimized wear and outstanding stability into an easy-to-use preformed design. All to help orthopedic surgeons maximize efficiency, increase efficacy, and reduce OR time.

Preformed spacers for ready-made efficiency

COPAL exchange G - preformed spacer for hip and knee

Preformed spacers offer numerous advantages over the time-intensive, inconsistent process of manual admixing and spacer formation:

  • Fast: Reduced OR time
  • Consistent: Highly effective
  • Simple: Easy to use
  • Safe: Product liability with manufacturer
  • Available for hip and knee

Start with Efficiency. Finish with Efficacy.

PALACOS® perfected: COPAL® exchange G

COPAL exchange G - preformed PMMA knee spacer containing Gentamicin

With experience and expertise gleaned from over 30 million procedures and more than 60 years of manufacturing,1 PALACOS® from Heraeus—the bone cement used in COPAL® exchange G spacers—is extensively proven, highly dependable, and widely respected.

COPAL® is the new brand from Heraeus Medical which stands for simple solutions in complex patient situations.

Increase antibiotic efficacy1

Spectrum of activity of gentamicin

Extending over 42 days, the increased antibiotic efficacy of COPAL® exchange G is ideal for supporting PJI treatment.

  • Gentamicin provides broad-spectrum antibiotic properties with low systemic toxicity and low resistance-development
  • Increased initial antibiotic efficacy over 42 days

Maximize stability1

COPAL exchange G: x-ray of hip spacer

Outstanding mechanical strength is created by our exclusive high-grade cement composition process, while a reinforced metal inlay further enhances durability in hip spacers.

Minimize particle wear2

COPAL exchange G: hip and knee spacer

Our proprietary one-piece moulding process and superior cement composition results in a remarkably smooth surface—providing long-lasting resistance to wear and debris.

1 Data on file
2 Mueller U, et al (2017), Wear performance of calcium carbonate-containing knee spacers. Materials 2017, 10 (7), 805