Meet Viren Pathare: HST’s New VP and General Manager

In July, Doug Joy, the General Manager for Heraeus Sensor Technology’s Americas region was appointed to lead business management activities for Heraeus Chemicals.

Viren Pathare
Viren Pathare

Assuming Doug’s role here at Heraeus Sensor Technology will be Viren Pathare, a Heraeus executive who previously held senior level positions at Heraeus Metal Management in the Phoenix areaWhile Viren and his family will miss the breathtaking scenery and year-round warm climate of “the Valley of the Sun,” the return to the Philadelphia region is a homecoming for him. Prior to joining Heraeus in 2007, he held several senior-level positions at a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies in nearby Allentown, PA.

While Pathare is a scientist at heart, with advanced degrees in materials science and metallurgical engineering, he also possesses a strong background in business, operations and customer development, skills he says that are invaluable for helping customers. Pathare said, “Our definition of success is simple: to help the businesses of our customers run better. What has really impressed me the past few months is everyone’s commitment to providing legendary support and service to our customers. That will never change!”

Ask Bob Gliniecki “The Sensor Professor”

Customer Question: I notice that the M-type thin-film platinum elements are rated to -70 Deg C. Is it possible to use them in an application that may reach -80 Deg C? That’s only 10 degrees below the rated temperature.

Bob Gliniecki
Bob Gliniecki

Bob says:The M-type is designed for use down to -70 Deg C. If used below this temperature, a phenomenon known as hysteresis is likely to occur. If the temperature of the element is lowered to -80C, the resistance will change with decreasing temperature. When the temperature of the element is raised, the element will not necessarily follow the same resistance vs. temperature path. This hysteresis will show itself as a shift in the resistance value of the element.

The amount of hysteresis that occurs is dependent upon time and temperature of exposure, and individual element properties. For application temperatures below -70 Deg. C., wirewound platinum elements or C-type cryogenic thin-film elements are recommended. These sensors have a minimum operating temperature of -196 Deg C.

Sixty-Second Spotlight:Tara Otto, Sales & Customer Service Specialist

Tara Otto
Tara Otto

Typical day at HST: That’s what great about HST, there really isn’t a “typical” day. It’s always filled with order entry, shipping, receiving, inventory checking, customer service, sales reports and meetings to be arranged.

What I like most about my job: Heraeus Sensor Technology is an amazing place to work, and it’s busy and different all of the time. But what I like most about my job are the people that I work with every day – they all make it just a fantastic place to be!

First job I ever had: at my aunt and uncle’s bridal shop, I was the resident “dress fluffer” and re-hanger. I would stand behind the girls and “fluff out” the prom dress or wedding gown from the back so they could see the train. It was no easy task to hang them up when they were done; I was only about 5 feet tall and they weighed a ton!

Best advice I ever received: My Nana (who lived to be 101) used to say, “If you’re not better off with them, then you’re most definitely better off WITHOUT them!”

I am happiest when…I am with my family- my three girls and our five dogs. My daughters are the lights of my life.

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