IR in Food Processing Applications

IR in Food Processing Applications

The food processing industry can benefit greatly from infrared technology. Infrared systems have found use in a number of areas.

Clean and Reliable Technology

For food industries, infrared modules are manufactured in stainless steel and fitted with a wire mesh to afford mechanical protection. An additional foil frame can, if requested, protect the food from any falling particles. Infrared heaters from Heraeus are very responsive and can be switched on and off inside 1-2 seconds. All infrared systems can be controlled so that any unexpected or unwanted conveyor belt stoppage will have minimal effect on the equipment or product. Heater failure detection is also incorporated within the control system. The parameters required for any system can be established in one of our test centers or by using test modules on site. The field tests are carried out by experienced engineers and technicians, who can assist in the selection of the right heaters and systems to suit your particular product and process. Infrared heat provides a particularly efficient and reliable solution for many heating processes in the food industry. Apart from the applications described here, there are many more:

  • Baking of bread and cakes
  • Roasting without fat
  • Cooking sausages
  • Heating wafers prior to embossing
  • Setting coatings on chicken strips
  • Browning waffles
  • "Relaxing" shellfish
  • Popping corn for cereals
  • Branding of meat and cheese

Three of the most widespread and effective uses of infrared technology on food processing are germ reduction, melting, and heating/browning.

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