Infrared heat for plastics processing and thermoforming

Deburring of steering wheels, welding of containers, embossing of foils or painting of displays - infrared emitters have optimised many processes in the plastics processing industry.

Infrared heat is a vital component in many plastics processing methods. The unique properties of IR heat – targeted heat, quick heat-up and cool-down, precise temperature control – lend themselves to efficient plastic processing.

Your advantages with infrared heat:

  • Contactless infrared heating within seconds makes plastics welding simple and reproducible
  • Emitters exactly shaped to the contours of the product help automate deburring, welding and adhesive activation
  • Infrared emitters precisely adjusted to the product and the process save time, space and energy

See for yourself what infrared heat can do!
Here are some application examples:

Omega infrared emitters weld filter container

Housings for swimming bath filters are relatively large and thick-walled and must be pressure-resistant. They are injection-molded in two halves in polypropylene (PP) and the two halves are welded together. Omega infrared emitters from Heraeus provided a solution.

Read our application example here.

Carbon Infrared Emitters for Energy-Efficient Embossing

Carbon infrared (CIR) emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are helping Polyflor of Manchester to improve the quality of their flooring products and to improve dimensional stability during the embossing of their range of heavy duty homogenous floor coverings.

Read our application example here.

Infrared heat helps thermoforming bioplastics

In collaboration with Heraeus, Plantic investigated several possibilities in an effort to optimise the heating process. Short wave emitters demonstrated that they were particularly suitable for the task, as using high power, they could bring the foil to the deformation temperature of around 140ºC in approximately two seconds.

Read our application example here.

Infrared Heat activates Adhesives on Decorative Trims

An infrared system from Heraeus Noblelight is helping R-Tek Ltd to achieve perfect adhesion of decorative trims on the inside of motor vehicle door panels.

Read our application example here.

Your application is not listed? Infrared can do much more! Ask us!

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