About Heraeus Noblelight America LLC (Infrared Process technology)

Heraeus Noblelight produces infrared lamps as well as complete solutions. These find application in industry, scientific research, environmental protection, health and beauty. With market-oriented light sources we empower our customers with increased competitive advantage.

In many sectors, light provides an energy source to give greater operating efficiency, environmental protection and innovation. With our technology, we are very much at home in many sectors of industry -- from the automotive and semiconductor industries to water treatment. In close cooperation with our customers and leading research institutions, we are continually developing new applications for productive light.

Heraeus Noblelight is part of the precious metal and technology organization, Heraeus, a worldwide family concern, which combines the business activities of precious metals, quartz glass, sensors, dental materials and -- with Heraeus Noblelight -- specialty light sources all under one roof. Our USA headquarters of Infrared Process technology is in Buford Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.
Our worldwide Heraeus network ensures that we are always close to our customers. Internationally, we are recognized as a technology- and market-leader in the field of specialty light sources. If you are looking for first-rate products, the best materials and competent, professional people to work with, you can rely on Heraeus Noblelight.

Heraeus: Emphasis on Precision

When reliability matters, light sources from Heraeus Noblelight are the first choice. They deliver outputs that can be depended upon from the moment they are switched on throughout their long lives.
We do a lot of things to make sure that this can happen. Starting with the selection of the best raw materials and components, via modern production processes, through to thorough quality control, quality is always paramount at Heraeus Noblelight.

All of our production sites are certified to ISO 9001; our main manufacturing site has also set up a measuring laboratory, accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, both for quality control and for developing new lamps.
We offer our customers worldwide unique technical support through our Application Centers for IR lamps. Our membership of the Heraeus organization guarantees that we receive the best raw materials and components.
We always have access to top quality quartz glass from our own production resources, as well as important precious metals and special materials for lamp manufacture.
Whether you want to optimize existing applications or win new markets, Heraeus Noblelight will be in partnership at your side, with efficient, well-engineered and long-life products, providing you with lasting competitive edge

Heraeus: Emphasis on Productivity

The interdisciplinary technology of light offers a host of possibilities to make processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Infrared lamps provide heat rapidly and in an energy-conserving manner. The curing of paints and lacquers is a world-wide growth market. At Heraeus Noblelight we can provide experienced experts for all of these (and many more) applications, experts who not only know the lamp technology but also the application requirements. You have access to an extensive and flexible product range, from which individual solutions can be selected for more efficiency.

There are different ways to the effective, efficient solution of problems depending on customer requirements:

  • Leading machine- and system-builders and instrument manufacturers utilize Heraeus Noblelight light sources in their products. Analytical instruments and infrared drying systems are among the most popular applications. Often the collaboration begins at the product development stage. The requirements are defined with the customer so that individual solutions are designed and built.
  • We develop and manufacture complete systems, made up of heaters, housings and optional control systems for infrared heating. These modules are matched with the customer's plant and process and offer the highest level of functional security and efficiency. They are easy to install and can be switched on immediately. Consequently, Heraeus modules offer simple retrofitting for the end user and low integration costs for the equipment- and system-builder.
  • For the end user, Heraeus Noblelight offers a wide range of replacement lamps in all industrial sectors and these are available through selected dealers. In many product sectors, Heraeus Noblelight offers the matching replacement lamp for virtually every lamp model. A competent and friendly advisory service ensures that lamp selection is quick and uncomplicated.

Heraeus: Emphasis on Solutions

You and your needs are the focal point of Heraeus personnel. Heraeus Noblelight is structured into customer-focused divisions, so that you have quick and direct access to the experts in your area of application.

Our sales engineers speak your language and are experienced in the theoretical and practical aspects of the applications and the products. They are never far from you in virtually all important market sectors in the subsidiaries of Heraeus Noblelight or the Heraeus organization. A strong team of product and application specialists and the research and development department supports our sales engineers. Application Centers all over the world are used to carry out process and product tests in conjunction with customers.

We are also still with you after we have delivered the lamps, modules or systems. Whenever you have questions on applications or new projects, your Heraeus Noblelight contact looks forward to your call.