About UV at Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Heraeus Noblelight’s UV research and commercial application pedigree is long and storied from the development of the world’s first UV radiation source in 1890 to the first microwave-powered UV curing lamp in 1971. Today, Heraeus Noblelight offers a comprehensive line of UV products used in a wide range of industries and applications from industrial UV curing applications to air, water, and surface disinfection and more.

Our ISO 9001 certified US and German manufacturing operations build UV sources and systems that are long lasting so you can count on reliable and effective solutions. Customers and partners routinely use our process application labs and experienced UV application specialists in Maryland and California to test, develop and optimize their UV curing and disinfection processes.

UV Curing

UV curing

Our leading UV curing solutions -- arc, microwave-powered, and LED systems, improve productivity, reduce costs, and promote sustainable manufacturing. We work closely with leading consultants and companies in the industry, including UV chemistry raw material suppliers and formulators, and machine builders. Working together, we are continuing to expand the frontiers of UV curing science and application to manufacturing processes.

UV Disinfection and Treatment

UV Disinfection and Treatment

From municipal sewer systems and industrial process water to the air in hospitals and restaurant kitchen hoods to food packaging materials, our more reliable and cost effective UV disinfection and treatment solutions improve health and well-being while reducing energy costs and chemical use. We understand the requirements of system builders and retrofit applications alike, exactly matching our UV sources to your exact application needs.