Curing of UV adhesives and UV paints in medical engineering

Reliability and quality are extremely important in the production of medical devices.
UV radiation cures UV curing adhesives and paints in medical engineering applications - for higher quality and reliability

UV adhesives in medicin

Coating materials such as adhesives and paints are used as biocompatible and sterilizable sealings that contribute to improved durability and slide properties as well as healing.

UV curing adhesives are used, in particular, for glueing the most differena variety of substrates for medical products such as catheters, containers, syringes, endoscopes, dialysis machines, filters and hearing aids. UV radiation cures adhesives within a few seconds and without solvents, which makes it environmentally friendly. This improves both quality and productivity.

UV curing paints are more resistant to chemicals and mechanical stresses than conventional paint systems. They are used to mark incontinence sheets, infusion bags and artery locators.

Your advantages with UV radiation:

  • No added chemicals
  • No environmental pollution
  • Short exposure time
  • Effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens
  • Low-maintenance method
  • Very low operating costs
  • Reliable and efficient process
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