High-temperature Hook-up Wire

Stranded Single Conductor Connection Wire

Technical Data

  • 16 AWG
  • 30 amp capacity at 40C
  • Stranded wire
  • Nickel plated copper conductor
  • 32 Mils double fiberglass wrap with glass braid
  • Nominal O.D .124inch
  • UL-CSA 450C / 600V
  • CE approval / RoHS compliant
  • Available in the following colors: natural (tan), black, yellow, red, green, blue

Multi Conductor Control Cable

Technical Data

  • Special silicone mulitcore with high heat-resistance
  • Temperature range; -60°C to +180°C (up to +220°C for short time)
  • Temperature limit at the conductor; in operation +180°C
  • Nominal voltage; 300/500V
  • Minimum bending radius; flexing 7.5x cable diameter
  • ROHS compliant
  • CE certified

Cable Construction

  • Tinned copper conductors
  • Silicone core insulation
  • Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length

Stock Sizes Available:

  • 10/4; Dia 16.2mm; ~approx amperage value 55amps
  • 16/4; Dia 8.8mm; ~approx amperage value 22 amps
  • Other sizes may be available; please inquire for availability
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