Nano XP Infrared Heater

The Nano XP is the latest in a long line of significant technology advancements at Heraeus Noblelight. Extremely high linear power combined with a Nano diffusion layer as a primary reflector gives this new infrared source a significant edge in many heat processing industries that need to operate under extreme process conditions.

Nano XP Infrared heater

All the infrared heaters in the Nano XP program have the same linear power (watts / in) and same wavelength, making it easy to combine different sizes and still get the same heating characteristics from one heater to the next. Made from the most robust profile in the program, the 34 x 14 is very durable for even the most demanding industrial applications.

The Nano XP reflector is not made of gold or metal oxides but of a unique layer of nano synthetic glass. This material is extremely heat-resistant (up to 1000°C), as well as being resistant to attacks from acids, lye and other aggressive substances. This diffusion layer sits directly on the external surface of the infrared heaters and, unlike conventional external reflectors, there is no cleaning necessary for a constant repeatable result. The Nano XP is perfect for applications involving high temperatures, process stability, or require limited or no airflow for cooling (vacuum).