M Series Modular Infrared Heaters

M infrared modules

With the M Series Infrared Heating Module, targeted heat can be applied quickly, easily, and efficiently for all products that require surface heating or drying.

The M Series infrared heating modules feature a rugged and durable heating field that is perfect for many industrial heating applications.

Available in three widths (110mm, 220mm, 330mm), the modules can be configured in any length up to 10 feet and can be combined to make larger heating fields. The heater housing is designed to accommodate 1 to 9 heaters depending on module width.

The fan cooled housing keeps the exterior safe to touch while providing the necessary cooling for the internal components. Housing made from profiled aluminum. The modules are cut to length as needed, and designed to specifically fit your application. The M Series heater modules are highly customizable from stock materials, and delivery is typically only a few days.

Application areas

  • Plastics processing
  • Textile processing
  • Paper processing
  • Coil coating
  • Drying, heating, coating, stamping, laminating, gluing, forming
  • Many other industrial applications

Key features

  • Easy integration / compact design
  • Modular construction
  • Fast delivery
  • High power
  • High efficiency
  • All wavelengths
  • Easy connection
  • Simple mounting via profile slots
  • Standard widths of 110mm / 220mm / 330mm
  • Fan cooled
  • Single- and three-phase configurations
  • Aluminum profile construction