UV LEDs for Curing and Drying

UV LEDs are the future innovation for curing and drying processes.
Heraeus develops UV LED solutions and customer-specific UV LED systems which are adjusted directly to your curing process.
Only in this way can the process be made cost-efficient and energy-optimised.

UV LED curing system

All UV LED systems are available with wavelengths from 365 nm to 395 nm and can be adjusted to different power classes and installation sizes depending on the requirements. Appropriate control systems and cooling are included in the delivery.

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Your advantages

  • Excellent power density for efficient and optimised curing is guaranteed by our own CoB (Chip on Board) production in our Hanau plant
  • Especially suitable for curing heat-sensitive materials due to low heat generation
  • Flexible working distances without loss of intensity (max. irradiance even at large working distances) due to special microlenses and resulting beam focusing
  • Enables fast switching on/off, so energy is consumed only when it is needed
  • Ozone-free technology requires no exhaust systems (cost saving)
  • High process reliability. Our specifically adjusted heat management results in a clear reduction of the ageing effect and hence prolonged service life of the LED components
  • Low servicing expenditure and long machine operation times due to optimised design with respect to maintenance
  • Simple integration and maintenance due to exact adjustment and dimensioning of all modular system components

Application areas

  • Printing industry (digital, flexo, screen printing)
  • Adhesive and paint curing
  • Glass printing
  • Coating of surfaces
  • Automotive industry
  • Printed electronics

UV LED systems standard product range:

Iris series

UV LED systems Iris series
Technical data: Iris series
Irradiance 365 nm: 7 W/cm²
385 nm: 14 W/cm²
395 nm: 16 W/cm²
Emission window size 45 x 254 / ... mm
66 x 142 / ... mm
Cooling Water cooling

Altair series

UV LED systems Altair series
Technical data: Altair series
Irradiance 365 nm: 1.2 W/cm²
385 nm: 3.3 W/cm²
395 nm: 3.7 W/cm²
Emission window size 13 x 80 / 135 / 160 / 260 / 360 / ... mm
Cooling Air cooling


Technical data: Semray® UV 4003 (75mm)
Irradiance 365 nm: 10 W/cm²
385 nm: 14 W/cm²
395 nm: 14 W/cm²
405 nm: 16 W/cm²
Emission window 75 × 45 mm
Cooling Air cooling
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