Tailor-made UV curing systems

Heraeus Noblelight provides engineering design and construction of custom UV curing solutions for a wide range of processes and applications. Sizes range from a single lamp module to a complete turnkey system consisting of multiple lamp modules, light shielding, material handling and controls.

Custom design is ideal for successful integration of a UV curing system into an existing or soon to be installed production line.

Profit from our know-how and many years of experience with UV curing technology.
Our UV curing experts will give you advice to find your ideal solution!

Examples of tailor-made UV solutions to individual customer requirements

Converting Systems

Narrow and wide web paper, film, and foil continuous web coating

Flat Conveyor Systems

Printing, marking, coating or bonding of small parts or flat sheet materials

Pipe & Tube Coating

Curing coatings on pipe and tubing products

Three-Dimensional Parts

Curing of multidimensional 3D parts

Beverage Cans

Bottom rim coating of drink cans

Custom Power Distribution & Controls

Enclosed cabinets for housing power supplies with sophisticated controls technology options

Other Specialty UV Curing Systems

Indexing, rotary indexing, conveyors and static chamber UV curing systems

Surface curing systems