Water cooled UV LED curing systems

Water-cooled UV LED systems often find their application in challenging and harsh industrial environments across a variety of curing applications. Due to this Heraeus Noblelight’s water cooled systems comply with DIN EN 60529. Water-cooled systems always consist not only of a lamp head, but also need a chiller sized according to the power of the lamp head.In addition, water-cooled systems traditionally offer higher power as the cooling is more beneficial for LEDs. Different wavelengths are available to ensure a fast and efficient drying or curing process.

To see the various power classes offered as well as wavelengths of our UV LED water-cooled curing systems, please see below.

Iris UV LED series

Iris x2

Technical data

Technical data: Iris series Iris 250 Mark II
Iris 375 Mark II Iris X2
Peak wavelength [nm] 365, 385, 395 385 365, 385, 395
Irradiance 365 nm: 15 W/cm²
385 nm: 22 W/cm²
395 nm: 22 W/cm²
385 nm: 22 W/cm² 365 nm: 15 W/cm²
385 nm: 14 W/cm²
395 nm: 16 W/cm²
Iradiation surface [mm²]
254 x 26,5 379 x 26,5 142 × 66
Standard dimensions
(W × D × H) [mm]
275 x 130 x 60 400 x 100 x 60 211 x 102 x 97
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