Sputtering Targets for Glass Coating

Coatings on glass fulfill a wide range of functions and supply a big variety of special traits to the end product, however in order to reach this goal special requirements applies to the coating process.

As glass is translucent, any defects in the sputtered layer would interfere the visual appearance and it’s functionality. Thus coatings not only need to be long lasting but also very uniform which requires a particular grain size and homogeneity of the target material. At the same time a target needs offer a low contamination rate to reach an optimal result.

Equally important is the efficiency and stability of the production process. High power density and sputtering rate as well as the ability for granular steering are key to a high yield and maximum uptime.


Glass Coating

Our product portfolio includes all pure metals and the most important alloys and ceramics. All targets can be delivered in different forms (rotatable, planar) and sizes up to 13.2 ft / 4 meters in length.


  • Architectural Glass (low-e, solar control)
  • Automotive Glass
  • Anti-reflective and Antistatic Coatings (ARAS)

Standard Materials

Material Name Purity Rotatable Planar
Ag Silver 3N7 on request x
Ag-alloys Silver alloys on request on request x
Al Aluminium 3N, 4N on request x
Au Gold 4N x
Cu Copper on request x
Cr Chromium 2N5, 3N5 x
In Indium 4N, 5N x x
InSn 10w% Indium-Tin 3N x x
Nb Niobium 2N7 x
NbOx Niobium Oxide 2N6 x
NiCr 20w% Nickel-Chromium 2N8 x
Si Silicon sprayed 4N x x
SiAl 8-10 w% Silicon-Aluminum sprayed 3N x on request
Sn Tin 3N x x
SST Stainless Steel x x
Ti Titanium 2N4 x x
TiOx Titanium Oxide 2N8 x
W Tungsten 3N x x
ZAO® / AZO Zinc Oxide Aluminum Oxide 3N x on request
Zn Zinc 3N5 x
ZnAl 0.5–2 w% Zinc-Aluminum 3N x
ZnSn Zinc-Tin 3N x x
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