High Performance with Sinter Technology

Learn more about the platinum temperature sensors for power electronics

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Industries and Applications

For many applications the key is a reliable, precise and long-term stable sensor element. Read more.

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Push Your Limits! For your pole position in the appealing electromobility market.

The market offers interesting opportunities to grow with and profit from it. Learn more about Heraeus solutions to put you in the passing lane.

Products and Solutions

Our platinum sensor offers customized and forward-looking solutions in a wide variety of markets. For you we set standards in quality and precision.

Platinum Temperature Sensors

Sensor Solutions for Future Markets

High-precision temperature measurement is essential for many key technologies, and a prerequisite for effective technical solutions. With over 40 years of experience in thin film technology Heraeus set standards in quality and precision.

Thanks to our highly experienced onsite experts, we offer customized solutions for today – and the future. Our products are used for reliable and accurate temperature measurement in the automotive, household appliance, process technology, energy generation & management, life science, e-Mobility and electronics industries.